Map from Around the World on Eighty Legs by Amy Gibson

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Check out the Quest of the Magic Calabash to explore the wonders of the continent.

Create Your Own Adinkra Cloth
Read stories about Anansi the spider. Then create a hand-printed storytelling cloth from Ghana in the tradition of the Ashanti.
Elephant copyright Daniel Salmieri


Africa is known the world over for its amazing wildlife. Learn more about the animal inhabitants of this vast continent.

African Wildlife Federation
From the hyena to the hippo, listen to sound clips of African animals. Learn about conservation efforts to save rhinos, elephants and Grevy’s zebras. Explore the photo gallery of African wildlife, adopt an animal or get involved in wildlife conservation.

Bronx Zoo – Camel Adaptations
Why would a desert animal need thick hair? Explore the amazing adaptations of the camel here.

PBS Nature – The Beauty of Ugly
Are warthogs the ugliest animals in Africa? Watch this PBS episode to decide for yourself.

Cheetah Conservation Fund
Information, virtual graphic tours and teacher guides on cheetahs and how to ensure their survival.

PBS Nature – Unforgettable Elephants
Do elephants have feelings? Watch a beautiful video about elephant birth, and learn about elephant communication and emotions. (Note: contains a moving but sad sequence about premature elephant birth.)

Elephant Sanctuary
This refuge for old and sick elephants provides video journals, facts and detailed curriculum (K-3 and 4-8) on elephants.



Check out this extensive list of African resources in print.