Map from Around the World on Eighty Legs by Amy Gibson

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Create Tangram Animals
Tangrams are geometric puzzles, a set of seven traditional shapes that can form pictures. Read Grandfather Tang’s Story by Ann Tompert to your class. Create your own tangram animals and mount in a class book.

Tompert, Ann. Grandfather Tang’s Story: A Tale Told With Tangrams. New York:  Dragonfly Books, 1997.

takin illustrated by Daniel Salmieri


The largest continent on Earth, Asia is home to a vast array of wildlife – from the tropical rainforests of the south to the snowy Himalayas.

Orangutan Foundation International
What do orangutans most like to eat? Learn about orangutan biology, behavior, ecology, rainforest facts, and threats to orangutans’ habitat.

WWF – Tiger Facts & Future
Tigers are at a “tipping point” between survival and extinction. Learn about them through facts, photos and video, as well as conservation efforts to save them.

PBS – Bhutan, The Last Shangri-La
Find information on Himalayan animals such as the takin, yak, tiger and snow leopard.

WWF – About the Panda
WWF made the giant panda the poster child for animal conservation.  Includes video clips, interactive maps, conservation, “adopt a panda” and more.

Defenders of Wildlife – Snow Leopard
Why are snow leopards so hard to spot? Learn all about these endangered creatures, discover how to take action to save them, or “adopt” a snow leopard.



Check out this extensive list of Asian resources in print.