Far, Far North

Map from Around the World on Eighty Legs by Amy Gibson

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Northern Lights
Learn about auroras, the spectacular light shows caused by space weather at this site put out by Michigan Tech.

Paint the Northern Lights
Use broad strokes of color to create a tempera paint aurora. Outline your layers in black for a bold effect. On black construction, sketch Arctic animal silhouettes. Cut and paste onto your painting once it’s dry.

Tern illustrated by Daniel Salmieri


What’s life like at the top of the globe? Explore these sites for teachers, parents and kids.

The Arctic Tern Migration Project
Did you know the Arctic tern flies as many miles in its lifetime as three round trips to the moon? Don’t miss the stunning slideshow with facts on these amazing fliers.

Journey North – Caribou
Journey North is an outstanding educational program that links classrooms with researchers. The archives contain extensive caribou facts, lessons and updates from field researchers on caribou migration.

Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
Learn about the ecological regions of the Arctic and the impact of climate change.
Find detailed teacher resources on caribou migration.

Sea World/Busch Gardens – Animal InfoBooks – Walrus
Research walrus habitat and distribution, behavior, senses, care for young and more. Find books for further reading.

Polar Bears International
How do mothers care for their cubs? Explore polar bear FAQs, facts, myths, legends, photos, conservation, videos and bear tracker maps.

Exploratorium – Ice Stories – The Bears of Summer
How is climate change affecting polar bears and Arctic foxes? Follow a real group of polar scientists determined to find out.

Sea World/Busch Gardens – Animal InfoBooks – Polar Bear
Polar bears look white. But did you know their skin is black? And their hair is actually translucent, or clear? Learn all about these enormous Arctic carnivores.



Check out this extensive list of Arctic resources in print.