Far, Far South

Map from Around the World on Eighty Legs by Amy Gibson

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Create a Blubber Mitten
Does blubber really keep you warm? Fill a zipper bag with shortening. Turn a second bag inside out and zip to bag of shortening, to create a “mitten.” (Your hand is surrounded by shortening without touching it.) Dip one hand into a bowl of icy water. Then try the other with the blubber mitten. How cold does the water seem now?

Penguins illustrated by Daniel Salmieri


What’s life like at the South Pole? Explore these sites for teachers, parents and kids.

Penguin Science – Penguins Marching Into the Classroom
Explore these extensive web-based classroom activities. Follow the penguin breeding season and create your own penguin field research journal. Pose your questions to a penguin researcher. Receive a postcard from Antarctica.

Exploratorium – Ice Stories – Antarctic Marine Ecosystem
Study the Antarctic marine ecosystem, including krill and the creatures that eat them. Watch podcasts from Antarctic researchers or listen to a humpback whale song.

Antarctic Connection
Discover the wildlife of Antarctica – the many penguin species, birds, whales and seals that call it home.

Exploratorium – Ice Stories – Penguins
Check out these facts, photos, maps, video, and webcams from biologists doing research in Antarctica.

National Geographic Explorations – Lesson Plans – Antarctic Food Chain
National Geographic Explorations offers lessons by grade level, including this detailed K-2 lesson.

National Geographic – Animals - Krill
A single krill is not much bigger than a paper clip. How can so much depend on such tiny creatures?



Check out this extensive list of Antarctic resources in print.