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Map from Around the World on Eighty Legs by Amy Gibson

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Need a Venn diagram? Looking for lesson plans, ideas and printouts? Check out these online teacher resources.

Scholastic –
Where  Teachers Come First

Scholastic offers extensive teacher resources – free lesson plans, Teacher Share forum for sharing lessons/activities, printables and mini-books (by subscription), student activities (including interactive Scholastic News articles) and much more.

Enchanted Learning
Discover lots of teacher resources – animal printouts, worksheets, writing activities, quizzes, crafts, graphic organizers and coloring pages. Information is grouped thematically (by continent, biome or animal species) and by topic (food chain/web).

orangutan illustrated by Daniel Salmieri


Take a trip around the World Wide Web at these great sites for teachers,
parents and kids.


Explore the wide world of animals at these informative sites.

National Geographic Kids
Creature Features highlight various animals – including facts, photos, videos and habitat maps – at this award-winning website. Includes an area of games called Animal Jam and a special section for little kids.

PBS Nature
Watch remarkable videos (some full-length episodes) of animals in the wild. Some contain images of animals hunting, so if your viewers are sensitive, choose carefully. Find animal guides, interactive games and educator resources for grades 3-up.

Animal Planet
A to Z animal fact sheets, photos, video clips, baby animal guide, animal top 10 lists, games, quizzes and more are found here. Check out the link to Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom, the beloved wildlife program, back on the air.

National Geographic Animals
Discover A to Z animal facts, endangered species, animal conservation efforts, video, photos, games, quizzes, puzzles and animals in the news. Crittercam videos focus on wildlife from the animals’ point of view.

Animal Diversity Web
University of Michigan Museum of Zoology hosts this site on taxonomy and animal facts.



What in the world is a biome? Why does it matter? Find out here.

What’s It Like Where You Live?
The Missouri Botanical Garden provides this informative site about the world’s biomes and wildlife. Packed with photos, charts, maps and illustrations.

Blue Planet Biomes
What is a biome? What’s the difference between tundra and taiga? Click on one of the world’s biomes (savanna, rainforest, alpine, tundra, desert) to discover the animals that live there.



There are many outstanding zoos involved in conservation. Here are a few who also offer extensive online resources.

National Zoo – Meet Our Animals
Explore a career in animal science or conservation. Take a virtual world tour to research animals and their habitats. Check out the photo galleries, live animal cams and animal photos for desktop wallpaper.

San Diego Zoo
Want to be a zoologist? Learn about zoo animals and the people who care for them. Explore animal facts, conservation, watch live animal cams, read about animals in the news, adopt an animal and more.

Sea World/Busch Gardens – Animals
Find detailed (K-3, 4-8) teacher guides and classroom activities here. Listen to animal sounds and research animals through quick fact sheets or more in-depth Animal InfoBooks.

Bronx Zoo
Check out these animal profiles, slideshows, podcasts, videos, news, interactive online activities and other educator resources.

Maryland Zoo in Baltimore
Find facts about animals and conservation as well as downloadable teacher resources organized by grade level.



Want to help save animals? Find out how kids can make a difference.

WWF – The Global Conservation Organization
Adopt an animal or explore fact sheets on endangered animals, conservation opportunities, video clips, animal desktop wallpaper downloads, news and more.

Defenders of Wildlife
Check out over 100 fact sheets from around the world, searchable by animal, habitat and continent.

Born Free Foundation
Discover downloadable animal fact sheets, photos, Kids Club, news, conservation, and “adopt an animal” features at this site dedicated to keeping “wildlife in the wild.”

Roots and Shoots
Want to change the world? Founder Dr. Jane Goodall helps harness kid power to make a difference in the environment and communities worldwide.